Hi, welcome to the Brooklyn Investor website. This is just a website to hold content related to the blog that is easier to maintain on a separate website. I will add stuff here over time; stuff that I use and look at that I would like to have easily accessible.

Also, I am very interested in programming (a recent thing) and I always wanted to create some sort of website. So this allows me to combine my interest in investing and programming. You can probably tell I am not that interested in web design. I have more fun coding with Python, PHP and Javascript rather than tinkering with HTML/CSS/Jquery/Bootstrap and whatnot. I don't use Wordpress, Squarespace or any other content management system (even though I have helped others use both; mostly adding functionality using PHP, running bots to automate updating of data on web pages etc). But I still do like doing stuff on the web too.

My background in coding started with Basic and machine language on the TRS-80, saving programs on a cassette tape. Since then, other than working in a Unix environment at a hedge fund writing trading programs and VBA models in Excel, my experience in programming is minimal. I started, mostly in 2014-2015, to get into it again.

As for my investment background, most of my career has been on Wall Street, starting in investment strategy/portfolio management, trading, futures/options and OTC derivatives structuring and trading, proprietary trading, special situations, and systems trading of futures at one of the big hedge funds etc. Even when I was trading futures and options or doing stat arb, I have always been a fan of Warren Buffett and other long term investors. What they do just made so much sense to me compared to what I was doing, where it was highly stressful and people tended to blow up regularly.